New! JPEGmini Pro 3.5 Supports Video Resizing

JPEGmini Pro

Reduce file size, not quality

Make sure you are using the best quality possible for your photos without constantly worrying about file size or speed. Great for print, mobile and web.

Photoshop Plugin Photoshop Plugin

Lightroom, Photoshop and Capture One Plug-ins

Fits into your workflow

When you export your photos directly from Lightroom, Photoshop and Capture One, they will automatically be optimized by JPEGmini to the lowest file size possible without ever sacrificing quality.

Reduce Expenses

Cut your image storage (i.e. flash drives, hard drives, and Client Galleries) costs when optimizing your images with JPEGmini.


Rank higher on Google

It’s all about image SEO. Your website will load faster with small image file sizes. The faster the site, the easier to visit and index a page is.

Print It!

JPEGmini does not alter the perceptual quality of your photos, you can print them at the same size you normally would, and the prints will look exactly the same.


JPEGmini Pro Features

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Video Support

Optimize video files with up to 50% reduction rate

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Cross Platform

Available on both Mac and PC's.

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HEIC to JPEGmini

Convert iPhone HEIC photos to optimized JPEG files.

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128 Megapixels

Support high-resolution photos from the world's leading camera brands.

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Custom Resize Presets

Multiple resizing presets and modes to allow for robust delivery workflow.

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Multiple Export & Resize

Select different output sizes for the same folder of photos in the same session.

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