How Much Can I Save On My CDN Costs?
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JPEGmini Server automatically reduces the file size of your photos up to 80%, while preserving their full resolution, quality and JPEG format.

Great ROI

Upgrade UX

Smaller JPEG’s mean faster loading pages, a better overall experience for your website visitors and higher customer satisfaction

Increase Revenue

A faster website increases your page views, time on site and improves conversion rates giving a boost to your bottom line

Reduce Costs

Photo-intensive websites can drastically cut storage and bandwidth costs by optimizing the original photos and all thumbnails and preview sizes

Simple Workflow Integration

JPEGmini Server supports all major versions of Linux, and is implemented as a simple command-line application, which easily integrates into your existing image processing workflow.

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JPEGmini Server is a command-line Linux application which can be installed on-premise or in the cloud (AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Linode etc.).
  • Up to 60 MP
  • High Performance
  • Fully Automatic, Always Safe
  • Simple Workflow Integration
> Ready to try JPEGmini Server?
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