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Image optimization
with no quality loss

Using patented image optimization technology, JPEGmini Server automatically reduces your image file size by up to 80% without compromising quality.

Photo: Jos van Galen

Upgrade User Experience

Reducing page load time is crucial for web publishers and e-commerce sites, due to its strong impact on website metrics. JPEGs account for over 30% of the payload of a typical web page and a delay of just one second in web page response time decreases page views by 11%, conversions by 7% and customer satisfaction by 16%.

Sources: HTTP archive and the Aberdeen Group

Improve Monetization and SEO

Faster loading web pages also reduce your abandonment rate and increase the monetization potential of your pages. JPEGmini is the only solution that ensures that the original resolution and quality of the image are preserved, while reducing the file size to the minimum possible.

Source: kissmetrics
Photo: Ervins Strauhmanis

Cut Storage and Bandwidth Costs

Optimize the original photos as well as the various thumbnails and preview sizes you create for web display.  This will bring you an additional benefit of reducing your storage costs, and when photos are downloaded you will also save a significant amount of your bandwidth costs.


  • High Performance

    JPEGmini Server is optimized for high performance, utilizing multiple cores in parallel to process millions of multi-megapixel photos per month on a single CPU.

  • Fully Automatic, Always Safe

    No settings are necessary - each image is automatically analyzed and optimized to the lowest file size possible while retaining its full resolution and quality.

  • Simple Workflow Integration

    Supports all major versions of Linux, and implemented as a command-line application, so you can utilize it without writing any code, or automate its execution using scripts. The AWS version includes a REST API, which enables sending and receiving photos using HTTP requests.

  • Resize and Metadata Stripping

    Perform integrated image resizing (resolution reduction) and metadata stripping, to further reduce the file size of photos. Ideal for applications that require output in multiple resolutions for album previews, thumbnails, etc.

JPEGmini is truly unique in that they combine their compression algorithms with a layer of automated quality score measurement, to ensure that the customer impact is imperceptible. So you can finally get significant image reduction with no visual impact.
Victor Cho
General Manager, Kodak Gallery
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JPEGmini Server is a command-line Linux application which can be installed on-premise or in the cloud (AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Linode etc.).
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  • High Performance
  • Fully Automatic, Always Safe
  • Simple Workflow Integration
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